Minatura - Committed to community and social development
Minatura - Committed to community and social development

Committed to community and social development

Minatura believes that assisting local people and their communities in ways that are both immediate and long-term, is an essential element of every mining project we undertake. Our first priority is to establish and support sustainable local businesses. As an example, our beekeeping program in Colombia, Colmenares del Tropico, provides multiple benefits and already sustains more than 300 families in the El Bagre region and over 30 families in the Puerto Libertador region. Local seamstresses make and sell specialized clothing, beekeepers harvest the honey, others package and distribute the product while the bees ensure local crop pollination and higher yields for area farmers. Five-year projections estimate more than 2,000 Colombian families living in rural circumstances will benefit from the Colmenares del Tropico program.

Two new company programs are currently being developed to benefit the communities where we plan to invest in the near future. They are based on tilapia fish farming and the cultivation of castor beans to support the local production of biodiesel fuel.

In addition to expanding the economic vitality of communities in which it operates, Minatura also works to improve local infrastructure as well as provide greater educational resources and opportunities to people of all ages. For example, in the Puerto Libertador region in Colombia, we are building and improving much needed community roads, bridges and water systems.