Minatura Contact Information

Colombia Headquarters
Carrera 25 No. 1 A Sur 155 Piso 17
Edificio Platinum, Transversal Superior
T (+57) (4) 605-1080

Offices for West Africa Projects and Administration
31225 La Baya Drive, Suite 200
Westlake Village, CA 91362
T (+1) 805-557-9200


Minatura - Creating economic opportunities while protecting the environment
Minatura - Creating economic opportunities while protecting the environment
Minatura - Creating economic opportunities while protecting the environment

Creating economic opportunities while protecting the environment

Minatura is in the business of exploring, developing and extracting precious and base metals in Colombia, South America and Ghana, Sierra Leone and Senegal in West Africa. Because we adhere to the highest environmental standards and are also committed to creating self-sustaining micro-economies in the communities in which we operate, Minatura is setting new, higher standards for all companies exploring and mining in these countries. Even our name -- the combination of Mining (Mina) and Nature (Natura) -- is evidence of our deep commitment to this business model and our social responsibility.

Managerial strengths

The company’s senior management team has extensive international and Colombian work experience. Mr. Paul Dias, CEO for the last 10 years, has greatly expanded company holdings having been closely involved in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral concessions in Colombia. Minatura’s senior management team has intimate knowledge of the Colombian mining industry as well as the country’s uniquely promising geology. The company also maintains uniformly positive working relationships with all associated government agencies and authorities associated with mining, environmental protection and social affairs.

Technological superiority

Strategic, internally devised technology allows Minatura to more accurately define alluvial resources, a lucrative source of cash flow, to NI 43-101 compliant standards. The methodology and technology have been confirmed by Watts, Griffis & McOuat, a leading Toronto-based firm. This technology enhances our proven ability to successfully move projects forward geologically and then establish the best structure to move the project into production.

Team members

  • Mr. Paul R. Dias, Chief Executive Officer and Director, is the original founder of the companies from which Minatura acquired its assets. He is a financier and venture capitalist with over 20 years of international business experience.
  • Mr. Tod M. Turley, Chief Operating Officer, Director, has over 20 years of experience in management, investment and law in resources, telecom, software and consumer products. Prior to joining Minatura in August 2009, Mr. Turley served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Amerivon.
  • Mr. William Orchow, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cordoba Minerals Corp., has over 38 years of experience with global mining companies with operations that included both surface and underground mining of hard rock minerals and coal. Cordoba Minerals Corp. is a related company that is the vehicle for the Córdoba Minerals Project.
  • Mr. John A. Rae, Chief Operating Officer, Minatura Aluviales Corp., is a professional geoscientist and a registered member of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario, Canada. Mr. Rae has over 25 years of experience working in many different areas of the mining industry, including alluvial gold and platinum mining. Minatura Aluviales Corp. is a related company that is the vehicle for all of Minatura's alluvial operations in Colombia.
  • Mr. Joseph Wojcik, Senior VP Geology and Exploration, Minatura Aluviales Corp. is a leading geologist recognized worldwide from his 50+ years in the mining sector. Project experience includes mineral sands in Africa, gold in Central & South America as well as various North American ventures. He held the position as Manager of a US office for the Canadian Consulting firm Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd.
  • Mr. Juan David Perez, Senior VP - Business Development, is a US citizen who has lived in Colombia for most of his life. He has been a professor of mining engineering and a consultant to businesses and the government on numerous alluvial mining and exploration projects in Colombia for over 30 years.
  • Ms. Claudia Herrera, VP Corporate Affairs and Business Development, is an expert in Colombian mining law, mining management, mining contracts and administrative organization.
  • Mr. Kelly Barker, Chief Financial Officer, has over 25 years of experience as a financial executive, most recently as Vice President of Finance with AmPac Tire Distribution, Inc., a national tire distributor and retailer in the United States.
  • Mr. Andrew Fogle, Chief Financial Officer, Minatura Aluviales Corp., previously served as CEO of Colombia Minera SAS, a Colombian based gold exploration company. Prior to and during this time he was a director and/or Partner of investment management firms also active in private equity. Prior to this he worked in corporate finance and banking for Hambros Bank in London.
  • Mr. Graham Warren, Chief Financial Officer, Cordoba Minerals Corp., is a senior financial executive with over 25 years of experience in small to medium sized privately and publicly owned businesses in the environmental, resource, biotech, service and software sectors.
  • Mr. Carlos Castillo, VP Finance/Controller, has over 15 years of experience as an accountant, auditor and financial executive in multinational organizations.
  • Mr. Darney De J. Ceballos, VP Environmental and Social Engineering, is a forest engineer and a specialist in geographic information systems. He is an expert in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Management Plans.
  • Mr. Amin S. Lakha, Director, is an entrepreneur, founding and heading several corporations engaged in the development, ownership and administration of real estate investments. Over the past 15 years in commercial real estate, he’s owned and operated over 5 million leasable square feet of property throughout the United States.
  • Mr. Thomas J. Manz, Director, has over 30 years of experience in the building of both private and public companies. He is a Founder and Managing Member of KMS Development, LLC, a Founding Member and Manager of Precast Concrete Technology Unlimited, LLC and a Founder, Officer and Director of Vertical Construction Erectors, Inc. among others. In recent years, Mr. Manz has been actively involved in Colombia and in alluvial mining operations such as the Zaragoza Project.